Rose has worked in corporate world for over 20 years, expertise focused in Marketing & Communications both corporate and commercial brands. She is a world traveler and spent most of her academic years abroad, she was always into tennis and badminton until she returned to Hong Kong and realized it is very difficult to find a partner and a good venue to enjoy these 2 sports.

One evening, she met yoga through a commercial flyer posted in a video rental shop and she went for her first trial class in 2003 May. She was amazed and fascinated how much she can do on a yoga mat not merely meditation, finding her breathing rhythm, learning to turn inward to search her true self but also hundreds and thousands of asanas, strengthening her physical condition as well as mental balancing. She then became overwhelmingly enthusiastic in Yoga practice, and is still chasing for medium tone muscle to keep her stability also flexibility.

Her key mentors Patrick Creelman and Stephen Thomas have both guided her and opened her eyes to Yoga which helped tremendously in improving her vision in life. Then her yoga experiences with Wendy Wyvill, Dario Calvaruso, Shanon Ganon, David Life, Yogannath Addiappan truly transformed her perspective of HAPPINESS and realizing TRUE appreciation, harmonization, thankfulness, manifestation to one self and others.

As a Yoga teacher, Rose is keen on focusing on foundations, alignment, mindfulness and awareness of our body, mind and heart. Turning inward is her primary intension for each practice.  


*Studies & accomplishments

Enthusiastic in yoga practice since 2003 – present

International Yoga Academy RYS 200 in 2013. Certificate credited by Asana Andiappan College of Yoga & Research, India. Aided and Approved by Central Council for Research in Yoga & Neturopathy – New Delhi – India.

Member of Yoga Alliance, USA.

Completed The Energetics of Excellence with The Pure Yoga Advanced Teacher Training Course RYS 100 (E-RYT 200), Sept 2014 taught and led by Master Patrick Creelman.

Completed 100 Hour Yoga Therapist Training (E-RYT 200) – Living Yoga Therapy Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy accredited by Australasian Association of Yoga Therapists. Training was taught and led by Chandrika Gibson and Garrett Lane.

Completed Singing Bowl training with Chris Su (RYS 200), Yoga Alliance recognition.

Completed Yin Yoga teacher training with David Kim – September 2017 Yoga Alliance recognition.

Completed Forrest Yoga Continuing Education for Teachers with Sin Hee McCabe (Forrest Yoga Guardian)

Completed Yoga Wheel Teacher Training (Level 1) & (Level 2) with Darren Chen.

Completed Yin Yoga (Level II) teacher training with David Kim – October 2018  (Topic : Myofascial), Yoga Alliance recognition

Physio therapy + Yoga integration training – December 2019

Started yoga practicing since 2003 and still going on. Practicing Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Power Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, Hot Flow, Power Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Yin Yoga and Yin Yang Yoga, Rope Yoga, Aerial yoga, Yoga wheel, Yogalates  and so on.